New Music: Pour it Up

This description is going to be pretty short since Rihanna needs little introduction. I am posting this song since a friend of mine has turned 21 this week, is in love with song, and plans on getting thoroughly drunk tonight. POUR IT UP.




March 9, 2013 · 4:58 pm

Aaron’s Party Never Stopped (in his pants!)

To most people, a Tuesday may seem like another obstacle hindering one’s way to the glorious finale that we call Friday. But to some of us, a Tuesday is another opportunity for a binge drinker, like myself, to live out one of her life’s fantasies: dousing herself in the love sweat of Mr. Aaron Carter.

I know what you’re thinking. Aaron who? Isn’t that the guy from Lizzie McGuire? Didn’t he sleep with Lindsay Lohan? Wasn’t that the guy who busted Shaquille O’Neal’s balls on a basketball court? Was he in Shazaam?

No you guys, no matter how much Aaron’s career may have fluctuated over the years, he is not guilty of playing in that God-awful movie (LOOKING AT YOU SHAQ).

Aaron carter was the teen sensation/heartthrob/crush of every girl from the nineties. We either outright displayed our undying lover for him or we publicly scorned him while sneakily watching his “Oh Aaron” video in the comfort of our own homes at night. His boyish good looks and soulful brown eyes warmed my cold, calculating heart.

Then there was meth.

Now Aaron looks like hard times hit him in the face, but he is still quite the performer, as demonstrated by him in his current “Aaron’s Party Never Stopped” tour. I have to say that he left me speechless. My friends and I had been planning this excursion for a couple on months, knowing good and well that we were preparing ourselves to get completely drunk on a Tuesday evening and bask in the nostalgia of seeing Aaron Carter on stage. We would be living out our preteen dreams. Swoon.

I personally thought that I would get there, drunk, laugh at how silly this whole “career comeback” thing would seem, demand he sing Aaron’s Party, and then make fun of it mercilessly for weeks to come.

Aaron surprised me.


The dance moves, the rifts, the bare chest, the grinding on stage. Omg this guys is the male version of Queen Bey. I was speechless. When he got on stage, girls started elbowing there way to the front and I even saw some guys tearing up in the crowd. Where the hell was I??

Aaron performed some of the sweet ballads from his yester-years and even threw in some new material. He more than made up for the fake ass John Mayer and slightly more coked up Paramore imitations that took the stage before him. My friends and I left the bar completely blown away. Two of my friends were even talking about pre-ordering his album. One said she would get it on VINYL if it was available!!

Just to paint a picture of this, my friends frequently don spikes, flannel shirts, combat boots, converse, boat shoes and all black everything. Not the type of people you would think would invest time into an Aaron Carter concert.

I just want to say to you Mr. Aaron Carter, that you are a beautiful, talented, shapely man who just gained himself five giggly fans that are perhaps to old to be indulging in your music, but don’t give a rat’s ass. Love you.

I’ll try to post some footage of the concert later, but in the mean time…

Here’s a picture of this AMAZING night: He’s pulling a Bieber and taking pics on a girl’s phone


Go get tickets to Aaron’s After Party Tour guys, you won’t be disappointed. This is coming from a completely unbiased person who has no affiliation with Aaron whatsoever.



College Candy just did a review of the concert as well. It was different date, at a different venue and in a different state. Molly, the writer, apparently enjoyed herself a lot less than I did. Before you go buy your tickets make sure you have a well rounded view of what your concert experience may be. Here’s a link to the article.

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March 8, 2013 · 5:48 pm

Wild Turkey Thirsty: American Honey Whiskey Review


image via
“I feel like a man’s man with this over the rocks.”

So, as of late my palate has been changing it’s tastes when it comes to liquor. I have found myself leaning more towards the darker ones than lighter and ordering more manly drinks when I go out. While I may appear to be a young, twenty-something city dweller who orders fruity drinks, I am truly a Ron Swanson at heart.

I noticed that I was running low on liquor and so on my most recent trip to purchase alcohol I decided that I would keeping and eye out for a decent whiskey to start off my little transition. A friend of mine suggested to me that I try Wild Turkey American Honey. According to the the company, the bourbon is infused with a mixture of orange, honey and caramel. I don’t know about all that, but I will tell you that it did have a sweet undertone to it, that offset what could have been a harsh liquor. Also, it goes down pretty easily, which was great, you’re not going to catch me complaining about that. Here are the specs on it:

*750 mL

*71 proof

*Golden Hue

*Retails for appx. $20.00 (give or take)

*Good as Hell

The awesome thing about this whiskey is that for around 20 bucks, depending on where you purchase it, you’re getting a decent drink that sounds ridiculously fancy and doesn’t make you want to crawl out of your skin like Svedka, which is, quite possibly, a sulfuric acid masquerading as an alcoholic beverage. Terrible.

College students, you need to get on this. It’s great. I feel as though most college students think that more is better. It is not. You are better off coughing up a couple extra dollars and getting something that is a  higher grade than keeping this ridiculous mindset of “LET’S GET FUCKING WASTED!” I think if you are rather new to whiskey or want to try out a darker liquor without shelling out tons of dollars, this is the way to go. I made a good whiskey sour with this drink and I also enjoyed throwing it back straight. Whether I go classy or trashy, I know that I will buy this whiskey again.


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New Music: Icona Pop

So once again, the music that I am telling you about is not that new, but new by Billboard Hot 100 years. I swear everytime there is a song that pops up and becomes the anthem to my life, 8-10 months later Billboard has gotten a whiff of it along with Seacrest and all of a sudden I have to hear the song for another 6 months until it’s become disgustingly stale. I warn you, this will happen with I Love It, so I suggest you start listening to it now.

The song is great. Icona Pop is a Swedish House group consisting of two pretty bad ass girls who made the song that will be played at every feel good party this spring and into the summer. Their song was recently featured on the show Girls (which you should be watching if you don’t already- it is my life.) When the song came up I thought “Oh Lena Dunham, you know me too well, it’s scary.”

Listen to the song, you’ll love it and wonder what you’ve been doing with you life that you hadn’t experienced such joy before this.

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February 21, 2013 · 4:09 pm

Since I’ve Been Gone

Forgive me for the Kelly Clarkson reference, but I literally couldn’t help myself, it was sitting there like old bread in the fridge, waiting to be used. Eh eh (clears throat). Anyway, suffice it to say I’ve been gone from blogging for a little while. I had some family things going on that I needed to tend to, not to mention the fact that winter was sucking the life out of my soul as it does each year. I mean really, once Christmas and the New Year have passed, winter is the guest that has more than overstayed his welcome. It’s time to go winter, you be killin’ my vibe son. (I’ve also been watching too much of The League, my vernacular has been experiencing some detrimental changes.)

If my tongue in cheek demeanor and new blog post haven’t made it clear: I’m back.

You’re welcome.

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This past week, having been sick I did not get the chance to post a humpday hottie for you all. So here he is.

Samuel Larsen was first featured in the “reality television” show The Glee Project as one of the contestants. He went on to win along with fellow contestant Daniel McGinty. He now has a recurring roll on FOX’s Glee as transfer student Joe Hart. Larsen is 21 years old with a beautiful voice and a budding career in the entertainment industry. He’s got the gorgeous grunge look down. Swoon.

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January 18, 2013 · 5:19 pm

5 Ways to Revamp Your Wardrobe


“Ooh look at me I’m so fashionable, take a picture and put it on instagram. White t-shit and jeans, no one has thought of this before!”
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We all want to look fashionable, or at the very least, put together. Yet, in this age of beauty gurus and everyday fashionistas, it sometimes feels as though we’re always falling short. These days, anyone who looks decent more than once a week is calling herself a stylist, but she is not doing anything you can’t do in your own closet. Here are few tips on how to become a little more stylish and look better in your clothes without completely changing your wardrobe.

5. Doing the Opposite: Do you like to wear really bright colors? Do you stick to muted tones? Well instead of sticking to the usual, during your next purchase, make a point to pick and item that goes out of your realm of style. Do black or nude instead of hot pink. Go for a nice mint color instead of the usual brown. Pick something different (it doesn’t have to be expensive) and incorporate it into something that you usually wear. This way, you can make a change that does not feel like someone body snatched you and played dress up.

4.  Sizing: This is very important. Have you ever gone into a store and picked out a pair of pants or maybe even a shirt and realized they didn’t have it in your size, so you went up or down a size? Don’t do this. Fit is very important when it comes to looking good in your clothes. Personally, I would rather wait for them to get the item in my size (or search for it elsewhere) than to wear something that does not fit me well. You will feel more comfortable and you will look better. It’s worth it.

3. Thrifting (In Your Closet): So many people talk about thrifting all the time, myself included. However, before I go out hunting down every thrift shop in the city, I start with my own closet. I look through it and say to myself “have I worn this lately?” or “do I really like this?” Soon, I realize I have a lot of clothing that I may see in a completely different, positive light or I may have a pile of hate clothes. The clothes I like, I find a new way to wear. What do I do with the clothes I hate? I start by scavenging. I cut them up, taking bits and pieces of fabric and incorporate them into other pieces. For example, I’ll make printed pockets on shirts and jeans. You don’t event have to be an expert in sewing for this. Give it a try.

2.  Quality Undergarments: THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE! If your bra or panties are the right fit, your outfit will come down like a house of cards. Panty lines, saggy bras, indentations in your clothes. Size yourself or go get sized professionally so that you are sure that you are wearing the appropriate underclothes. Many women do not know their true bra size and it affects the way they look in their clothing. Do it. Go get sized.

1. SHOES: A good shoe can make a dull outfit look fantastic. I think it’s silly to spend exorbitant amounts of money on shirts and pants, but some items you should really invest in. Shoes are one of them (as well as bras, do not skimp on these two). I’m not saying go out and spend like crazy on shoes. But instead of ten pairs of okay shoes, have five really awesome ones. Make your shoes a statement piece, that way, even if you feel like you’re having a bad fashion day, your shoes are pulling it together.

Hope these tips helped!


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