Since I’ve Been Gone

Forgive me for the Kelly Clarkson reference, but I literally couldn’t help myself, it was sitting there like old bread in the fridge, waiting to be used. Eh eh (clears throat). Anyway, suffice it to say I’ve been gone from blogging for a little while. I had some family things going on that I needed to tend to, not to mention the fact that winter was sucking the life out of my soul as it does each year. I mean really, once Christmas and the New Year have passed, winter is the guest that has more than overstayed his welcome. It’s time to go winter, you be killin’ my vibe son. (I’ve also been watching too much of The League, my vernacular has been experiencing some detrimental changes.)

If my tongue in cheek demeanor and new blog post haven’t made it clear: I’m back.

You’re welcome.


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