Wild Turkey Thirsty: American Honey Whiskey Review


image via http://thesundaygentleman.tumblr.com/
“I feel like a man’s man with this over the rocks.”

So, as of late my palate has been changing it’s tastes when it comes to liquor. I have found myself leaning more towards the darker ones than lighter and ordering more manly drinks when I go out. While I may appear to be a young, twenty-something city dweller who orders fruity drinks, I am truly a Ron Swanson at heart.

I noticed that I was running low on liquor and so on my most recent trip to purchase alcohol I decided that I would keeping and eye out for a decent whiskey to start off my little transition. A friend of mine suggested to me that I try Wild Turkey American Honey. According to the the company, the bourbon is infused with a mixture of orange, honey and caramel. I don’t know about all that, but I will tell you that it did have a sweet undertone to it, that offset what could have been a harsh liquor. Also, it goes down pretty easily, which was great, you’re not going to catch me complaining about that. Here are the specs on it:

*750 mL

*71 proof

*Golden Hue

*Retails for appx. $20.00 (give or take)

*Good as Hell

The awesome thing about this whiskey is that for around 20 bucks, depending on where you purchase it, you’re getting a decent drink that sounds ridiculously fancy and doesn’t make you want to crawl out of your skin like Svedka, which is, quite possibly, a sulfuric acid masquerading as an alcoholic beverage. Terrible.

College students, you need to get on this. It’s great. I feel as though most college students think that more is better. It is not. You are better off coughing up a couple extra dollars and getting something that is a  higher grade than keeping this ridiculous mindset of “LET’S GET FUCKING WASTED!” I think if you are rather new to whiskey or want to try out a darker liquor without shelling out tons of dollars, this is the way to go. I made a good whiskey sour with this drink and I also enjoyed throwing it back straight. Whether I go classy or trashy, I know that I will buy this whiskey again.



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