Talking to the Ladies

In this age of reality television, I find that with many women I have trouble relating when talking about favorite t.v. shows. The Kardashians and all of those Housewives have completely taken over, and those of us who like television shows with a true plot come off as weird when discussing our Wednesday nights.

Friend: What did you do last night?

Me: Oh, just stayed in and watched some television.

Friend: Ooh did you see Real Housewives of New Jersey last night? Soooo good. Omg hahaha that fight was crazy, but she knew she was wrong, I mean stop butting into her personal life! Like if she wanted to buy last years Chanel bag, like it’s okay, the family is going bankrupt anyway. I mean, right?!

Me: I was watching Sons of Anarchy.

Friend: Oh isn’t that the biker show with Jesse James?

Me: No.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with television shows that are scripted! Some brilliant people are behind the writing of these shows. While I do have my guilty pleasures (Yes I sadly watched of Flavor of Love, and I still watch re-runs of Dating in the Dark), it’s great to have conversations about shows with a beginning, middle, and end. I love shows that can make me cry or step into a life that is completely fictional. Also, guys watch these shows, and if you sometimes find yourself having trouble finding a good conversational topic when talking to a guy, complicated prime-time shows are a good start. I bet you they’re watching Sons, Breaking Bad, Dexter, or the Walking Dead. They might be watching all of them!

So, I’m not saying give up your reality shows, or watch gruesome shows to talk to guys. I’m saying diversify your interests, because I have yet to see two reality shows that are vastly different from one another. Just saying.

P.S. These shows tend to have gorgeous guys.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite shows:

  1. Sons of Anarchy
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. American Horror Story
  4. Dexter
  5. Parks and Recreation
  6. Criminal Minds
  7. Freaks and Geeks
  8. Being Human (Both the U.S. and U.K. versions)
  9. Dark Angel (what happened to you Jessica Alba? I miss when you kicked ass!)
  10. New Girl and Happy Endings (I mean honestly it’s like they’re both the same show with different actors.)



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HUMPDAY HOTTIES: Vladislav Doronin

Humpday Hotties: Vladislav Doronin

“Huh, what was that? Sorry, I was too busy gazing out and looking phenomenal.”
Image via:

Naomi Campbell is one lucky lady. Her boyfriend of several years, Vladislav Doronin makes this weeks edition of Humpday Hotties for obvious aesthetic reasons. He’s gorgeous. In addition, this beautiful man is a very successful billionaire, being dubbed the “Russian Donald Trump,” (although clearly better looking.) His net worth has been estimated to be around $1 billion (whaaaa…?) and he looks like a real life James Bond. Is 50 supposed to look that good? Oh Naomi, you lucky woman, you! By the way, I did mention that he’s gorgeous? Did I? Hmm… wasn’t too sure. Well, he is.

Happy Humpday!

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January 9, 2013 · 10:54 pm

New Music: How Gotye Won UrbanChiX Over

Six months before “Somebody That I Used to Know” became immensely popular, I heard it for the first time, and I liked it. Then came the hype and it was played everywhere, everyday, several times a day. Geesh, there is something to be said about less being more. This led to subsequent dislike for Gotye, which wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of Billboard Top 100 and that damn Ryan Seacrest. Then one day I overheard a song playing on a sound system and I ran upstairs to ask the woman at the info desk what song it was and she said it was Gotye. I asked if she was sure, because it seemed a far cry from the song that had been assaulting my senses for the past few months. The song was “Thanks For Your Time” from his 2006 album Like Drawing Blood. So the song isn’t exactly new, but still. Listen to it. It’s worth it. If you found yourself starting to dislike Gotye as I had, you need to go back and listen to his earlier work. It’s great. Enjoy!

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January 9, 2013 · 5:56 pm

Beanies and Heels: Five Favorite Websites for Online Shopping

So I make it no secret that I love to shop. Anyone who says she doesn’t is a liar and that goes for men as well. Everyday I have a debate with myself on whether or not I need another beanie or a bag, and online shopping i is making the process increasingly difficult. The best thing about shopping is that I get to treat different sides of myself. Some days I go for a grungy rocker look and other days I look like I’ve been raiding the Jackie Onassis’ closet. I love that! It’s great to have different looks and put different pieces together to freshen your look. With that said, here is a list of some of my favorite site to shop from (when I’m not thrifting). Enjoy.

1. NastyGal: Great vintage looks and amazing shoes. The prices can range from reasonable to ridiculous, but it has a good mix. I love this site.

2. If you want similar clothes to what you can find at NastyGal, Forever21 or even UrbanOutfitters, this is a great website. I think the most expensive thing I ever saw on here was a $150 dollar leather jacket. Come on. You can’t beat that.

3. This site meshes more with my usual look. It’s a great site for both men and women. You can find some great beanies and other hats on this site. In addition, their bags are to die for. Seriously. Go check them out. Right now. I’ll wait.

4. If you want a modest heel or something that isn’t stripper heel high like most shoes are these days, Seychelles is perfect. I happen to love t-strap heels, which are usually in abundance on this site. This is the place for an elegant or funky daytime heel. Don’t sleep on it.

5. Great T-shirts!!! I just bought three of them from this site a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t heard of Threadless, the premise behind it is simple. People make t-shirt designs and submit them to Threadless. Those designs are voted upon and the popular ones are printed on to t-shirts and other items such as sweatshirts, phone cases and bags. It’s great for quirky, funky and badass tees. You’ll love it.

Hope you’ll check out these site and if you have any other sites that you really like and want to share with others, leave the links in a comment below. Thanks and happy shopping!


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New Music: Zebra Katz

The song’s name is W8WTF and I have to say I had that very reaction while watching the video: then I loved it. This song is not that new in terms of how fast songs come and go in the music industry, having been released in August 2012, but Zebra Katz is incredibly underrated and forurbanchix had to bring this song to its readers. W8WTF has a low key tone and feel to it. It’s definitely not a song that you will jump up and down to, but the that is a part of the appeal. Njena Reddd Foxxx makes another appearance in this video, although not a lyrical one, her presence is felt. Also, while there isn’t an overt sexual element as in their first video together (see the link below) there is most certainly an underlying sexual element to it, which is most appreciated. Zebra Katz and producer Boyfriend have given the video a dark feel, without being over the top with demonic and assaulting elements (do you hear that Tyler the Creator? It’s getting to be a bit much now. You can stop. Seriously.) I have to say I really do like this song and I hope that Zebra Katz makes another appearance in 2013 because he is full of potential.

Here is a link to his song with Foxxx titled “Ima Read.” Which, in case it confuses you, has borrowed elements from vogue and vogue culture, producing a beautifully gritty video and a catchy song.

Here is Azealia Banks Remix:

And here is some awesome choreography, by House of Mo, to the remix:


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January 7, 2013 · 7:10 pm

Rolls, and not the dinner kind…

All the time, and I really do mean all the time, women and girls alike mention my weight in some capacity. How I eat and I don’t gain weight. How I have a good shape or something else along those lines. Here is a message to you guys: YOU ARE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN ME.

"You little girls ain't got shit on me."

“You little girls ain’t got shit on me.”

Image via

Honestly. I am in terrible shape. The last time I actively worked out was over a year ago. The last time I saw the inside of a gym was several months ago. I probably thought it was a Starbucks. People say it all the time, but I don’t think women really hear it; just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean she or she is healthy. I eat like shit. I just happen to not eat that often, and I have pretty fast metabolism. Now you’re reading this and thinking “This bitch.” Hold on, this is not a good thing, because it just reinforces unhealthy habits. I have plenty of friends who are bigger than me and in way better shape. You should see me go up a flight of stairs. Actually, no you shouldn’t, I’m sure you’ve seen ASPCA ads that looked less pitiful. So be proud of the way you look and be healthy. That’s been my goal since I collect colds like stamps, which probably has something to do with my shitty health. I’ll keep you updated on my new health track. If only to provide you with a few laughs.

These women look healthy and amazing!

These women look healthy and amazing! From left to right: Christina Aguilera, Christina Hendricks and Jill Scott.

Images via




Other Articles on Healthy Bodies:


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The Banned List

Not up in here

Not up in here

Image via

When I was a wee one in high school, we would observe Banned Books Week. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it’s a week during which people share and read various books that have been banned over the years due to content. I would get so excited to read these books because it felt so taboo (clearly I didn’t have much of a life) and then I would read the whole book and realized it was banned because page 137 and the word “witch” on it. What a buzz kill, those books were banned for some bullshit reasons. However, lately I’ve been thinking about my own list of things that should be banned for legitimate reasons. The following is a list of clothes that I wish to never see on people’s backs ever again.

5. Ed Hardy
I feel as though this has been said, but not enough people are listening. Please, please, PLEASE stop wearing Ed Hardy. This is not cute. It simply does not look good. I’m not even sure if those Jersey Shore guys are wearing it anymore, if they are I’m sure it’s for the show’s benefit, and they probably pull the shirts over their heads with remorse. It’s not just guys, women are trying (the operative word being TRYING because there is ZERO success.) to incorporate it into their outfits as well. Ed Hardy rain boots are not an appropriate exception. There is no exception. Just stop.

4. Graphic Tees
Whoa calm down, not all of them, just the ones that don’t make any sense. Time and time again, I’ll be out shopping and someone is either wearing or reaching for one of those tees with tribal art and then a random wolf’s head atop a lone tree. What? What is that? These people aren’t even wearing these shirt’s ironically. These graphic tees have got to go.

3. Fleece Vests
This one was pointed out to me by a very close friend, and I have to whole-heartedly agree. So what happened, your chest was cold, but your arms didn’t get the memo? I’m not following. Then what happens, you wear a long sleeve shirt, so you chest is twice as hot as your arms? Do you buy separate sleeves and then forgo an actual shirt? Are you seeing how the value of a fleece vest is limited. And fleece is different from a bubble vest. If I’m committing to a bubble vest, it’s safe to say that I’m layering for the cold, but fleece is more of a fall/spring item, and reaching a happy medium with it will be difficult. Don’t do it.

2. Pointed boots.
Remember this: round-toe is the way to go. Pointed pumps you may be able to get away with, but boots?? I don’t think so. I have yet to see pointed boot that has looked fashionable since the turn of the century. I was at a bar a couple months back and a girl thought she was rocking a pair of these. She had on a stretchy, black corset top, a red, bodycon skirt and pair of those god-awful boots. It wasn’t Halloween, she just looked bad. Leave those boots alone.


She said “Ooh, I look GOOD.”
Image via


1. Thigh High Boots
This needs little explanation. Stripper shoes.


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