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5 Ways to Revamp Your Wardrobe


“Ooh look at me I’m so fashionable, take a picture and put it on instagram. White t-shit and jeans, no one has thought of this before!”
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We all want to look fashionable, or at the very least, put together. Yet, in this age of beauty gurus and everyday fashionistas, it sometimes feels as though we’re always falling short. These days, anyone who looks decent more than once a week is calling herself a stylist, but she is not doing anything you can’t do in your own closet. Here are few tips on how to become a little more stylish and look better in your clothes without completely changing your wardrobe.

5. Doing the Opposite: Do you like to wear really bright colors? Do you stick to muted tones? Well instead of sticking to the usual, during your next purchase, make a point to pick and item that goes out of your realm of style. Do black or nude instead of hot pink. Go for a nice mint color instead of the usual brown. Pick something different (it doesn’t have to be expensive) and incorporate it into something that you usually wear. This way, you can make a change that does not feel like someone body snatched you and played dress up.

4.  Sizing: This is very important. Have you ever gone into a store and picked out a pair of pants or maybe even a shirt and realized they didn’t have it in your size, so you went up or down a size? Don’t do this. Fit is very important when it comes to looking good in your clothes. Personally, I would rather wait for them to get the item in my size (or search for it elsewhere) than to wear something that does not fit me well. You will feel more comfortable and you will look better. It’s worth it.

3. Thrifting (In Your Closet): So many people talk about thrifting all the time, myself included. However, before I go out hunting down every thrift shop in the city, I start with my own closet. I look through it and say to myself “have I worn this lately?” or “do I really like this?” Soon, I realize I have a lot of clothing that I may see in a completely different, positive light or I may have a pile of hate clothes. The clothes I like, I find a new way to wear. What do I do with the clothes I hate? I start by scavenging. I cut them up, taking bits and pieces of fabric and incorporate them into other pieces. For example, I’ll make printed pockets on shirts and jeans. You don’t event have to be an expert in sewing for this. Give it a try.

2.  Quality Undergarments: THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE! If your bra or panties are the right fit, your outfit will come down like a house of cards. Panty lines, saggy bras, indentations in your clothes. Size yourself or go get sized professionally so that you are sure that you are wearing the appropriate underclothes. Many women do not know their true bra size and it affects the way they look in their clothing. Do it. Go get sized.

1. SHOES: A good shoe can make a dull outfit look fantastic. I think it’s silly to spend exorbitant amounts of money on shirts and pants, but some items you should really invest in. Shoes are one of them (as well as bras, do not skimp on these two). I’m not saying go out and spend like crazy on shoes. But instead of ten pairs of okay shoes, have five really awesome ones. Make your shoes a statement piece, that way, even if you feel like you’re having a bad fashion day, your shoes are pulling it together.

Hope these tips helped!



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Rolls, and not the dinner kind…

All the time, and I really do mean all the time, women and girls alike mention my weight in some capacity. How I eat and I don’t gain weight. How I have a good shape or something else along those lines. Here is a message to you guys: YOU ARE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN ME.

"You little girls ain't got shit on me."

“You little girls ain’t got shit on me.”

Image via http://www.2medusa.com/2009/12/pro-ana-futures-not-pretty.html

Honestly. I am in terrible shape. The last time I actively worked out was over a year ago. The last time I saw the inside of a gym was several months ago. I probably thought it was a Starbucks. People say it all the time, but I don’t think women really hear it; just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean she or she is healthy. I eat like shit. I just happen to not eat that often, and I have pretty fast metabolism. Now you’re reading this and thinking “This bitch.” Hold on, this is not a good thing, because it just reinforces unhealthy habits. I have plenty of friends who are bigger than me and in way better shape. You should see me go up a flight of stairs. Actually, no you shouldn’t, I’m sure you’ve seen ASPCA ads that looked less pitiful. So be proud of the way you look and be healthy. That’s been my goal since I collect colds like stamps, which probably has something to do with my shitty health. I’ll keep you updated on my new health track. If only to provide you with a few laughs.

These women look healthy and amazing!

These women look healthy and amazing! From left to right: Christina Aguilera, Christina Hendricks and Jill Scott.

Images via

1. http://www.justjared.com/2012/09/16/christina-aguilera-alma-awards-arrival/

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3. http://www.soulbounce.com/soul/2007/10/jill_scott_rocks_the_red_carpe.php

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