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So It’s a New Year…


Here in NYC the New Year’s celebrations are in full swing and while everyone is sharing smooches, they’re also sharing their lame New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s go through a few:

1. I’m going to the gym/losing weight.
2. I’m going to find love this year.
3. I’m going to break up with my shitty boyfriend/girlfriend.
4. I’m going to take risks.
5. I’m going to be more responsible.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with having goals. Goals are great, but you should know that goals don’t come around once a year. They don’t have a start time and New Year’s should not be the only time we decide to better our lives. If you want to go to the gym, do it to be healthy, not to fulfill some silly goal of looking like Jillian Michaels (who would want to, she looks insane.) If you want to find a significant other, please don’t go out there manically searching for the right one, then coming off as bat-shit crazy. You have a shitty boyfriend, toss him, preferably before the New Year if he sucks so much and if you want to take more risks or be more responsible, just do it already. The New Year isn’t a magic lamp. Do you and do what it takes.

But do take advantage of the New Year Gym memberships, it’s like they’re handing them out for free ;).

Happy New Year!!


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