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Wild Turkey Thirsty: American Honey Whiskey Review


image via http://thesundaygentleman.tumblr.com/
“I feel like a man’s man with this over the rocks.”

So, as of late my palate has been changing it’s tastes when it comes to liquor. I have found myself leaning more towards the darker ones than lighter and ordering more manly drinks when I go out. While I may appear to be a young, twenty-something city dweller who orders fruity drinks, I am truly a Ron Swanson at heart.

I noticed that I was running low on liquor and so on my most recent trip to purchase alcohol I decided that I would keeping and eye out for a decent whiskey to start off my little transition. A friend of mine suggested to me that I try Wild Turkey American Honey. According to the the company, the bourbon is infused with a mixture of orange, honey and caramel. I don’t know about all that, but I will tell you that it did have a sweet undertone to it, that offset what could have been a harsh liquor. Also, it goes down pretty easily, which was great, you’re not going to catch me complaining about that. Here are the specs on it:

*750 mL

*71 proof

*Golden Hue

*Retails for appx. $20.00 (give or take)

*Good as Hell

The awesome thing about this whiskey is that for around 20 bucks, depending on where you purchase it, you’re getting a decent drink that sounds ridiculously fancy and doesn’t make you want to crawl out of your skin like Svedka, which is, quite possibly, a sulfuric acid masquerading as an alcoholic beverage. Terrible.

College students, you need to get on this. It’s great. I feel as though most college students think that more is better. It is not. You are better off coughing up a couple extra dollars and getting something that is a  higher grade than keeping this ridiculous mindset of “LET’S GET FUCKING WASTED!” I think if you are rather new to whiskey or want to try out a darker liquor without shelling out tons of dollars, this is the way to go. I made a good whiskey sour with this drink and I also enjoyed throwing it back straight. Whether I go classy or trashy, I know that I will buy this whiskey again.



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Talking to the Ladies

In this age of reality television, I find that with many women I have trouble relating when talking about favorite t.v. shows. The Kardashians and all of those Housewives have completely taken over, and those of us who like television shows with a true plot come off as weird when discussing our Wednesday nights.

Friend: What did you do last night?

Me: Oh, just stayed in and watched some television.

Friend: Ooh did you see Real Housewives of New Jersey last night? Soooo good. Omg hahaha that fight was crazy, but she knew she was wrong, I mean stop butting into her personal life! Like if she wanted to buy last years Chanel bag, like it’s okay, the family is going bankrupt anyway. I mean, right?!

Me: I was watching Sons of Anarchy.

Friend: Oh isn’t that the biker show with Jesse James?

Me: No.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with television shows that are scripted! Some brilliant people are behind the writing of these shows. While I do have my guilty pleasures (Yes I sadly watched of Flavor of Love, and I still watch re-runs of Dating in the Dark), it’s great to have conversations about shows with a beginning, middle, and end. I love shows that can make me cry or step into a life that is completely fictional. Also, guys watch these shows, and if you sometimes find yourself having trouble finding a good conversational topic when talking to a guy, complicated prime-time shows are a good start. I bet you they’re watching Sons, Breaking Bad, Dexter, or the Walking Dead. They might be watching all of them!

So, I’m not saying give up your reality shows, or watch gruesome shows to talk to guys. I’m saying diversify your interests, because I have yet to see two reality shows that are vastly different from one another. Just saying.

P.S. These shows tend to have gorgeous guys.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite shows:

  1. Sons of Anarchy
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. American Horror Story
  4. Dexter
  5. Parks and Recreation
  6. Criminal Minds
  7. Freaks and Geeks
  8. Being Human (Both the U.S. and U.K. versions)
  9. Dark Angel (what happened to you Jessica Alba? I miss when you kicked ass!)
  10. New Girl and Happy Endings (I mean honestly it’s like they’re both the same show with different actors.)


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