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Rolls, and not the dinner kind…

All the time, and I really do mean all the time, women and girls alike mention my weight in some capacity. How I eat and I don’t gain weight. How I have a good shape or something else along those lines. Here is a message to you guys: YOU ARE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN ME.

"You little girls ain't got shit on me."

“You little girls ain’t got shit on me.”

Image via http://www.2medusa.com/2009/12/pro-ana-futures-not-pretty.html

Honestly. I am in terrible shape. The last time I actively worked out was over a year ago. The last time I saw the inside of a gym was several months ago. I probably thought it was a Starbucks. People say it all the time, but I don’t think women really hear it; just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean she or she is healthy. I eat like shit. I just happen to not eat that often, and I have pretty fast metabolism. Now you’re reading this and thinking “This bitch.” Hold on, this is not a good thing, because it just reinforces unhealthy habits. I have plenty of friends who are bigger than me and in way better shape. You should see me go up a flight of stairs. Actually, no you shouldn’t, I’m sure you’ve seen ASPCA ads that looked less pitiful. So be proud of the way you look and be healthy. That’s been my goal since I collect colds like stamps, which probably has something to do with my shitty health. I’ll keep you updated on my new health track. If only to provide you with a few laughs.

These women look healthy and amazing!

These women look healthy and amazing! From left to right: Christina Aguilera, Christina Hendricks and Jill Scott.

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