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Aaron’s Party Never Stopped (in his pants!)

To most people, a Tuesday may seem like another obstacle hindering one’s way to the glorious finale that we call Friday. But to some of us, a Tuesday is another opportunity for a binge drinker, like myself, to live out one of her life’s fantasies: dousing herself in the love sweat of Mr. Aaron Carter.

I know what you’re thinking. Aaron who? Isn’t that the guy from Lizzie McGuire? Didn’t he sleep with Lindsay Lohan? Wasn’t that the guy who busted Shaquille O’Neal’s balls on a basketball court? Was he in Shazaam?

No you guys, no matter how much Aaron’s career may have fluctuated over the years, he is not guilty of playing in that God-awful movie (LOOKING AT YOU SHAQ).

Aaron carter was the teen sensation/heartthrob/crush of every girl from the nineties. We either outright displayed our undying lover for him or we publicly scorned him while sneakily watching his “Oh Aaron” video in the comfort of our own homes at night. His boyish good looks and soulful brown eyes warmed my cold, calculating heart.

Then there was meth.

Now Aaron looks like hard times hit him in the face, but he is still quite the performer, as demonstrated by him in his current “Aaron’s Party Never Stopped” tour. I have to say that he left me speechless. My friends and I had been planning this excursion for a couple on months, knowing good and well that we were preparing ourselves to get completely drunk on a Tuesday evening and bask in the nostalgia of seeing Aaron Carter on stage. We would be living out our preteen dreams. Swoon.

I personally thought that I would get there, drunk, laugh at how silly this whole “career comeback” thing would seem, demand he sing Aaron’s Party, and then make fun of it mercilessly for weeks to come.

Aaron surprised me.


The dance moves, the rifts, the bare chest, the grinding on stage. Omg this guys is the male version of Queen Bey. I was speechless. When he got on stage, girls started elbowing there way to the front and I even saw some guys tearing up in the crowd. Where the hell was I??

Aaron performed some of the sweet ballads from his yester-years and even threw in some new material. He more than made up for the fake ass John Mayer and slightly more coked up Paramore imitations that took the stage before him. My friends and I left the bar completely blown away. Two of my friends were even talking about pre-ordering his album. One said she would get it on VINYL if it was available!!

Just to paint a picture of this, my friends frequently don spikes, flannel shirts, combat boots, converse, boat shoes and all black everything. Not the type of people you would think would invest time into an Aaron Carter concert.

I just want to say to you Mr. Aaron Carter, that you are a beautiful, talented, shapely man who just gained himself five giggly fans that are perhaps to old to be indulging in your music, but don’t give a rat’s ass. Love you.

I’ll try to post some footage of the concert later, but in the mean time…

Here’s a picture of this AMAZING night: He’s pulling a Bieber and taking pics on a girl’s phone


Go get tickets to Aaron’s After Party Tour guys, you won’t be disappointed. This is coming from a completely unbiased person who has no affiliation with Aaron whatsoever.



College Candy just did a review of the concert as well. It was different date, at a different venue and in a different state. Molly, the writer, apparently enjoyed herself a lot less than I did. Before you go buy your tickets make sure you have a well rounded view of what your concert experience may be. Here’s a link to the article. http://collegecandy.com/2013/04/04/i-went-to-aarons-party-and-it-was-a-bust/


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March 8, 2013 · 5:48 pm


This past week, having been sick I did not get the chance to post a humpday hottie for you all. So here he is.

Samuel Larsen was first featured in the “reality television” show The Glee Project as one of the contestants. He went on to win along with fellow contestant Daniel McGinty. He now has a recurring roll on FOX’s Glee as transfer student Joe Hart. Larsen is 21 years old with a beautiful voice and a budding career in the entertainment industry. He’s got the gorgeous grunge look down. Swoon.

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January 18, 2013 · 5:19 pm

New Music: How Gotye Won UrbanChiX Over

Six months before “Somebody That I Used to Know” became immensely popular, I heard it for the first time, and I liked it. Then came the hype and it was played everywhere, everyday, several times a day. Geesh, there is something to be said about less being more. This led to subsequent dislike for Gotye, which wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of Billboard Top 100 and that damn Ryan Seacrest. Then one day I overheard a song playing on a sound system and I ran upstairs to ask the woman at the info desk what song it was and she said it was Gotye. I asked if she was sure, because it seemed a far cry from the song that had been assaulting my senses for the past few months. The song was “Thanks For Your Time” from his 2006 album Like Drawing Blood. So the song isn’t exactly new, but still. Listen to it. It’s worth it. If you found yourself starting to dislike Gotye as I had, you need to go back and listen to his earlier work. It’s great. Enjoy!

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January 9, 2013 · 5:56 pm

New Music: Zebra Katz

The song’s name is W8WTF and I have to say I had that very reaction while watching the video: then I loved it. This song is not that new in terms of how fast songs come and go in the music industry, having been released in August 2012, but Zebra Katz is incredibly underrated and forurbanchix had to bring this song to its readers. W8WTF has a low key tone and feel to it. It’s definitely not a song that you will jump up and down to, but the that is a part of the appeal. Njena Reddd Foxxx makes another appearance in this video, although not a lyrical one, her presence is felt. Also, while there isn’t an overt sexual element as in their first video together (see the link below) there is most certainly an underlying sexual element to it, which is most appreciated. Zebra Katz and producer Boyfriend have given the video a dark feel, without being over the top with demonic and assaulting elements (do you hear that Tyler the Creator? It’s getting to be a bit much now. You can stop. Seriously.) I have to say I really do like this song and I hope that Zebra Katz makes another appearance in 2013 because he is full of potential.

Here is a link to his song with Foxxx titled “Ima Read.” Which, in case it confuses you, has borrowed elements from vogue and vogue culture, producing a beautifully gritty video and a catchy song.

Here is Azealia Banks Remix:

And here is some awesome choreography, by House of Mo, to the remix:


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January 7, 2013 · 7:10 pm

New Music: Azealia Banks

Azealia has been on the rise since 2009 and her new song BBD is reaching UrbanChiX ears. Yes, here at UrbanChiX, Azealia’s latest song is being played at it’s loudest. Now excuse while I go play this and strut like I’m on a runway for the next 3 hours. No big deal.

Enjoy BBs!

*Fun Fact, Azealia and UrbanChiX hail from the same hometown.

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January 4, 2013 · 6:30 pm